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Over on the HelenaIR, dietz1963 has a knack for disclosing WAAAAY too much personal information about himself and then getting his panties in a bunch when someone bring that back up to him.

Here’s a case in point.  He told us that he is divorced and that the court gave her the kids and half of “his” money.  He rarely misses an opportunity to excoriate his ex-wife and whatever justice system he thinks caused him harm.   It was him who told us that he was not part of his kids’ lives as a result of the divorce.   Now he even confirms it with his feeble excuse in a remark to 5thgen:

“Yea, sounds like you know how it works, and like in all divorces, kids get to be adult age and they get to find out what “really happened”.”

What we have here is an admission, like I’ve been pointing out all along, that he did abandon his children.

I’ll tell you one thing for sure, dietz1963’s children’s teachers spent more time with them that he did.


Over on the HelenaIR, dietz1963 is trolling every thread I comment on “warning” others not to have contact with me.  This futile attempt is pretty laughable and only shows that I have gotten to him in a big way.

This has been his “technique” since returning from his recent absence.  Something tells me that he sought out some counseling and was advised to avoid me since it was obvious his anxiety level was rising precariously.

He’s also decided to have many of my comments, particularly those where I expose him as an empty suit, deleted from the site.  What he fails to understand is that I save ALL my comments when posting them AND all my recent comments are still on the site and seen by clicking on my name.  It’s a pretty simple matter to repost the comment after it disappears.

That he suggests that I have been deleting his comments is a scream.  Why would I ever want his comments deleted when they speak for themselves as to his annoyance, dishonesty, and defeat?

I’m taking particular satisfaction in his frustration.  After all, when I first signed on to the HelenaIR it was primarily to deal with his inane comments that peppered each thread like so much cow dung.  He was running around and “shooting from the hip,” generally unchallenged, and I have, largely, changed that.  Just looking at his most recent comments, the majority are about me.  Knowing that I occupy so much of his diminutive intellect is a joy to behold.



For not the first time, AE has been told that AE will not only be headed for Hell, but two commenters on the HelenaIR are quite glad about that.

In a new thread, “Repent your ways,” a Bible-thumper is warning everyone to get good with God and quit being nice to our enemies because the end is near.  In their screed they pulled out the old guilt-trip nonsense about

“…God died and shed his blood for you through his only begotten son-Jesus Christ and rose three days later…”

to which I suggested:

“That would make him a “zombie” wouldn’t it?”

Well, that got countrydoc, MtMadeMan,  Mike Boyle, and getaclue all worked up.  countrydoc said, in two comments:

“YOU disgust me
hope you burn”


“Dunno if there is a hades or not, but if there is i hope you have a nice room there.”

I, of course, counseled them that “zombie” was the correct word:

“The definition of a “zombie” is a “reanimated dead body” which is exactly what the Bible says happened.

Of course, there is an alternative explanation detailed in the classic book, and movie, from 1965, “The Passover Plot,” by Hugh Schonfield. It argues that the “Jesus-cult” of the day conspired to fake his death so they could pull off this “miracle.”

So, you have either a zombie or a fake. Which do you prefer to worship?”

Still waiting on an answer to that last question.

What is really funny is how countrydoc is asking for Christian Privilege:

“mocking christianity……….at easter? you really are clueless as you cant fathom WHY this might be very offensive to many.”

Yep, some of them would sure like to see the return of anti-blasphemy laws.




One of our favorite “shoot from the hip” commenters on the HelenaIR who had been missing, has reappeared.  After a week or so absence, he showed up but has been a bit tamer, suggesting that he might have undergone a neutering process and is still healing up from it.

His initial comments were devoid of his usual blustering blunders and were short and to the point of the thread issue.  He did post several “warnings” to others not to engage with AE, something his therapist had probably instructed him to do in a recent session to deal with his own high lever of anxiety and annoyance.

But, it didn’t take long for him to slip back into his gross generalizations:

“Liberal logic:

We need to love and respect all cultures and religions. Except Christianity

Believes in freedom of speech. Unless its offensive to them

Believes all corporations are evil. Being devoted to Apple is ok

Protests against the 1% who are rich. Except Professional Sports Stars, Music Stars ,Movies Stars Michael Moore, or Billionaire Democrats

Celebrates diversity, unless it’s a conservative straight white person.”

He was taken on by Twangsfiggerscatspaw, and AE and had no credible response.  All he could do was attempt to change the subject away from his stereotyping:

“Uh huh. Then explain to me (for example) why muslims are not under the gun for not making cakes for g.ays looking to marry? And when you’re talking “untrue” stereotypes, why are some of the first words out of liberals mouths (such as yours) something about watching Fox news or listening to Rush? I’ve repeatedly said here I don’t do either only to have someone like you make the standard bogus statement.”

Maybe the pain meds from the neutering are wearing off.




dietz1963 missing

Last seen March 26, 2015 3:56 pm.  Please, do not form a search party.


Not for the first time, over on the HelenaIR, commenter 5thgen says he is done with me.  A few days ago it was

“So in closing this long and drawn out, but not informing at all discussion…signing off.”

But like the addict he appears to be, he came back again and again, posting another 2,583 words to tell us again in 17 posts how upset he is with me.  This time he says

“Good bye: You enjoy your life and I will enjoy mine. I see you as a person wants answers to the questions you have, but refuses to give answers about yourself. I have explained to you what I believe, apparently that isn’t good enough for you but it certainly is for me. Take your name calling and shove it. If you think this is a white flag, then wipe yourself with it.”

I suggested that he look into a 12-Step group where he can break this addiction he has for me.  Can’t you just hear it?

“Hello, my name is 5thgen and I am an AE addict.”

Maybe he and dietz1963 and be each others sponsors and can talk each other out of commenting when they see my posts.

 Update #1

While I was writing the above, someone went in to the thread in question and had 5thgen’s “Good bye” comment and my response (the 12-step one) removed.   At least it is preserved here for eternity.


Update #2

I did go back and dig up 5thgen’s other comment that was deleted.

When he expressed frustration and said that he was leaving to “…time to help the lawn out,”  I suggested:

“You probably have the greenest one in the neighborhood considering excess amount of…fertizer you’ve been spreading here.”

5thgen came back with this:

“And with that fine piece of critical thinking by our self proclaimed educator on this blog. I can only add two words of advice.. GROW UP!”

That and the “Good bye…” comment above were both removed.  5thgen must have been ashamed of what he wrote, as he should have been.





Just when you think think you’ve met all the types of crazies that inhabit the online world, kick over another rock and a new species appears.  That’s what’s occurred on the HelenaIR on the thread “An open letter to Christian legislators.”

We had a great time watching dietz1963 display his classic bravado followed by his usual “tuck and run” after he committed libel, a story covered here.  Then we had this other species of unevolved intellect, 5thgen, arrive on the thread, initially to warn Paulmont, that

“The lack of belief in a religion is a delusion you should keep to yourself. just as common sense teaches.”

Oh, brother, another one of those who gets their panties in a knot when their “sacred” beliefs are put under scrutiny.  On an earlier thread, 5thgen, tried to tell us that the Bible perfectly aligns with science on the story of creation.  I countered with the Bible’s “6 days” nonsense and 5thgen reinterpreted scripture (where have we seen that done before) and said that it was a “God’s day” which was longer than 24-hours AND I needed to prove 5thgen wrong.


I tried to teach the concept of the “burden of proof” but 5thgen wasn’t having any of that. 5thgen refused to read the information proveided that showed what 5thgen was saying was fallacious.  Nothing new there as we have seen fundies do that for eons.

However, where it got weird was after I stated my tagline:

I spend more quality time with children than their parents do.

Well, 5thgen wasn’t going to put up with that and went on a two-thread rant demanding that I provide proof to back up that claim.  I play him out, jerk him back, play him out, and jerk him back several times before I posted the studies that show that teachers do spend more quality time with children than their parents.

That is when 5thgen revealed his real agenda.  He didn’t want to know about all teachers, he just wanted to know about ME and unless I personally identified myself and provided data to support my tagline, he would forever label me as dishonest.

Oh, the horrors of that kind of threat!

And, in the midst of all this, 5thgen states that I am a female and 5thgen knows this because he claims I have stated the fact several times online.  That, of course, is not true and certainly brought back memories of someone else who said the thing.  Remember the WrongDog?  5thgen reminds me of that dolt quite a bit, just not as well house trained.

When confronted with this error, 5thgen tries to wiggle out of it saying it was “An honest mistake, however you made up your statement about spending more quality time with your students with no proof at all.”

An “honest mistake?”  Yeah, right.  It was completely made up.  And, why does it matter what my gender is?  It’s probably because, if I am female, 5thgen isn’t used to having one talk back to him like I do.  One pictures 5thgen’s spouse cowering and never challenging his authority.

In the end, 5thgen waved the white flag:

“So in closing this long and drawn out, but not informing at all discussion…signing off.”

But like a dog coming back to its own vomit, 5thgen is back with “I can’t believe how dense you really are. I don’t care who you are…”

Between the two threads he wrote about 5,000 words about me.  Sure thing that he doesn’t care.

My favorite,  and new removed comment was 5thgen admitting that I “pi$$ed” him off and that he doesn’t like his beliefs challenged.

If 5thgen thought he was going to steer me into “outing” myself, he is more naive that I thought.  He’s the consummate noob and an absolute treat to play with and mock.  He and dietz1963 are gifts that just keep on giving.





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