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The world of online journalism is fighting back against the commentary that many sites allow under their articles.  While a way to initiate discussion, and increase page views, the free-for-all nature of anonymous commenting has led many outlets to remove commenting altogether.  CNN did this a while ago.  NPR just announced it.  Now the Billings Gazette is throwing in the towel with their commenting being removed next Tuesday.  The Helena Independent Record has indicated a change is coming to their site but haven’t said what that will be.  My guess is that they’ll follow the Gazette’s lead.

This would be no loss to Helena.  Their user-moderated approach has not worked well.  Over the past several months it is not unusual to find entire threads deleted.  Over the past month or two my own comments there have a life span of a couple hours before dolphind3 or one of his lackeys deletes it.  Some comments I have reposted a dozen times only to have them repeatedly deleted.

Reflecting back on the tussles I have had with others on the Billings Gazette, I can say I have certainly had my wins, in fact, that is my track record.  When I think of the likes of RightDog, cowboypoet, Laughter, Virgil, and John from the Billings Gazette that I set straight with hard facts, all documented on this blog, it is pretty obvious that logic, reason and critical thinking continue to win over fear, mythology, and downright untruths.

The same is true on the Helena IR.  When I started commenting there that place was overrun with dolts like dietz1963 who couldn’t comment without invoking a string of logical fallacies and he did so unchallenged.  My arrival changed things as I schooled him and others in why logic, reason, and critical thinking are the most trustworthy tools for ascertaining truth.  That many of them resisted is of no surprise as the cognitive dissonance that causes has got to be truly painful.  It’s no wonder they lashed out.  Of course, many/most of them are poster children for the Dunning-Kruger effect.

The real charmer on the Helena IR was dolphind3.  This mental midget first goes after me when I suggested that public schools get rid of sports and concentrate on their academic mission just like schools in most other industrialized countries do.  It turns out, no surprise, that he’s a big sports fan and faux tough guy.  He can’t discuss these issues without quickly making up crap saying that I have committed a crime he’s going to sic law enforcement on me.  When that fails he invites us all over the Helena IR Facebook page where, according to him, our true identities cannot be hidden.  I take him up on that and re-challenge him there on the school sports issue.  He unloads with his expletive-laden tirade that I documented here.

After handing him his rear end on Facebook, he supposedly “blocked” me there so he doesn’t have to see my comments that disassemble his and then he resorts to the mass deletion of my comments on the Helena IR site.  It also appears that he enlisted some lackeys to help in this effort, as if we can’t figure out what he’s up to.

With the editors at the Helena IR throwing their hands up and doing nothing to keep my comments from being deleted, maybe that can be scored as a loss.  However, reading back through what I have archived on this blog tells me that I did strike terror in to the hearts of those on that site who are uncomfortable with having their inner fears pointed out and how threatened they are by truth, logic, and reason.  I’ll let them stew in their own juices of ignorance.



Assembled from some threads and not in all sequence but the point is there.  Someone needs some anger-management classes and to learn how to discuss a topic without expletives.


Issue: The Helena School Board Soccer Coach Dilemna
Reason said: All this saga would go away if we got rid of sports in the schools. Our international competition, where students outperform ours, don’t have sports as part of their schools. We need to follow their example and let this sports drama nonsense go away.
June 13 at 8:52pm

SportsNut said: Nope you are wrong as always. There are so many children that are only in school because they can compete in sports. Why don’t you use a real account you little coward?
June 13 at 9:05pm

SportsNut said: Only a fool would blame the sports when it was clearly the parents that created this drama because they can’t control the team like they do in travel ball. This is exactly why sports are needed in school, it is not about who your parents are, that is why what the board did can’t be allowed.
June 13 at 9:20pm

SportsNut said: Club sports is king in Europe, but there are downsides to that system…
June 13 at 9:24pm

SportsNut said: There is high school sports in Europe it is just different. Here in the US we don’t have to choose, we can be both a student and an athlete.
June 13 at 9:25pm

Reason said: It is my real account, you dolt. Isn’t this when you start threatening me again? And sports are not part of the schools in most of the countries who outperform us. Heck, I was sent on a site visit to one of the top performing high schools on the west coast and, guess what, NO SPORTS.
June 14 at 1:34pm

SportsNut said: No, you even stated in your blog with your little trolling minions how to create fake accounts. You are far to big of a coward to use your own account. As active as you are, if it were a real account there would be tons of postings. It only started after I called you out. As far as the topic, outperform us in what? Making money? We have students and yes student athletes that are just as good as any place else. If you like these places then go live there.
June 14 at 11:24pm · Edited

SportsNut said: Keep lying you Liberal piece of shit.
June 14 at 2:36pm

Reason said: Poor little SportsFan. He calls me a coward but deletes comments off the paper’s site because he can’t stand the truth. Here, try to delete these here:

Here is a direct link to the article that the doctor referenced:
Coaching ABUSE: The dirty, not-so-little secret in sports

Here’s another article that addresses this topic:
The Real Bullies at School: Teachers are vilified for being too hard on students, so why aren’t coaches held to the same standard?

“Coaching ABUSE: The dirty, not-so-little secret in sports”
What is wrong with a society that places so much importance on winning in sports that it blatantly neglects the needs and well being of the child-athletes that it’s charged with educating and protecting? Are we that out of touch that we’ve lost our perspective on what really matters in life? Are too many parents making a “deal with the devil” and turning their kids over to coaches with questionable methods just because these coaches supposedly produce “champions?”
June 14 at 5:20pm

Reason said: SportsNut, you are the standard, run of the mill, sports fan scum. All for sports no matter who gets hurt in the process to entertain you and make you feel like YOU accomplished something. I’ll bet you have YOUR teams and when THEY win you say “We won” but when they lose you say “THEY lost.” You are not that complicated.
June 14 at 5:23pm

SportsNut said: Anything you say troll. Why don’t you get a real account instead of hiding behind yet another fake profile? No where did I ever say I want people hurt, that is more of your dumbass trolling. When my sons team wins, they are the ones that prepared hard and were victorious. You are just showing your ignorance. I am very proud of my children’s academic all state and deans list accomplishments. Care to try again moron?
June 14 at 5:57pm

SportsNut said: Ever stop to think that other people are deleting your comments on the IR pages? Your self importance is showing again. Most people don’t care about you. Why would they? You are just some random person that has decided to troll people online. If I said I liked cold beer you would argue that warm is better and cite some webpage about drinking piss.
June 14 at 6:00pm

Reason said: No, SportsFanPoo, we all know that it is YOU who is deleting comments, you’re just to cowardly to admit it.
June 14 at 9:12pm

Reason said: SportsFanPoo asks “Why don’t you get a real account instead of hiding behind yet another fake profile?” Who says it is fake, you? Considering you have threatened me with harm, why should I want you to know who I am? You just can’t take being disagreed with.
June 14 at 9:14pm

SportsNut said: I love it, you don’t get a reaction so you step it up to SportsFanPoo? You stated that you only use fake accounts on your trolling blog. Like I said, it is obvious that your account is fake because as active as you are, there would be many more political posts. Just keep lying you Liberal shithead. We are all laughing at your dumb ass. When you say “we all” you are referring to your little group of troll, all from Billings. The ones you were exchanging how to create fake accounts to remain anonymous with. Because you are a fucking cowards. It is okay, you can admit you are a coward. I just went out and spent time with REAL PEOPLE at a baseball game. The funny part is several have stated how stupid you are and what a troll you are and they love how I am reducing you to nothing and I am doing it with you using yet another fake profile because you are a chicken shit asshole. Shock! I have never threatened you, I have stated that you are a coward and that you would never meet face to face and say the things you say on here. I would say everything face to face. I would never touch you because a little puke like you is not worth jail time. Unlike you, I am a law abiding citizen that respects other people and their opinions. I don’t respect you because you are an admitted troll that is trying to piss people off. That makes you a low life scum bag. But you know that, that is why you remain anonymous.
June 14 at 10:48pm

Reason said: Your continual labeling me as a “liberal” is another indication of your mental instability and lack of deep cognitive function. So, in your world there is just YOU and those evil “liberals” which represent all that threatens your, well let’s say it like it is, your ignorance.

You said “I just went out and spent time with REAL PEOPLE at a baseball game. The funny part is several have stated how stupid you are….”

Birds of a feather…

I never suspected you’d hang with anyone more intellectually able than yourself.

You said “I would say everything face to face. I would never touch you because a little puke like you is not worth jail time.”

Ah, so the threat of jail is the only thing that prevents you from committing assault and battery on someone you disagree with? That you can’t take disagreement is your real problem. You should seek help, and perhaps some anger management therapy. I suggest that it is your total allegiance to sports that has engendered this aggressive and hostility streak you have.

You said “Unlike you, I am a law abiding citizen that respects other people and their opinions.”

And what laws have I broken?

You said “But you know that, that is why you remain anonymous.”

No, I remain anonymous because of crazies like you. While you claim you wouldn’t risk jail, you still want to get even and you HAVE stated that you would use law enforcement and a fake claim of my having committed a crime.

BTW, where are your friends in law enforcement you said could out me? I’m still waiting for an answer to that one. C’mon, you made the claim. The big talk. What happened? Did they laugh in your face?
June 15 at 8:34am

SportsNut said: Actually you are the one with the unstable psyche, your actions indicate a person that does not live in the real world and has severe mental issues. I have many democratic friends that have seen what a sickness the Liberal Left has become and yes you are part of that. But what makes you even more sick is your actions on the net on a daily basis of trolling others with your fake accounts and using your blog to bully them , all the while calling them a bully. You are really sick in the head. You are so pissed at the world because you don’t fit in with it in real life, as a real person that you have to create these fake personas to try and get a little attention. How sad of you. You were probably picked on in school and decided you were going to get back at others, this often happens when the weak minded are bullied like you, they can’t separate reality from their fantasy land in their mind and in the end they become the bully and then they try and claim they are still the victims, just like you. Again, how sad. You should take a class on self worth, maybe if you were a person of some kind of faith, it doesn’t have to be religion, then you would be a better person but I highly doubt it. You are so self important that you think others care about you and want to “get even” with you. How stupid and silly of you. I have a great life and I use social media to keep up with family and friends, you use it to troll others. Think about that when you are telling others they need help. You need serious help. Further proof is how your pathetic brain gets stuck on one thing and no matter who the commenter is you can’t let it go, you continue to attack and when the IR deletes your trashy attacks you get all pissed and take it to you blog in a further attempt to bully the person, again, so sad, so pathetic, so predictable. Then you lie and try to say this is your real account and then admit that you remain anonymous because you live in fear. How sad. You live in fear every day of the big mean people that you feel seek to do you harm, which they don’t, they would have to care about you to want to get you. That must piss you off that people don’t care about you.
June 15 at 11:07am

Reason said: If we put academics first and got rid of school sports, like many other countries in the world where the students outperform ours, this drama saga wouldn’t be distracting us from our primary The case against high school sports
June 14 at 5:36pm

SportsNut said: In all of those countries that supposedly outperform our students there are good and bad students just like we have here. We just have a higher population.
June 14 at 6:01pm

SportsNut said: Now a days if a coach even raises their voice then pussies like you try to call them bullies, all the while you are online creating blogs so you can bully the other commenters. That makes you the worst of the worst, a bully coward. You really are a piece of shit.
June 14 at 6:02pm

Reason said: SportsFan, I am so glad we have this opportunity for you to use the language you are more comfortable with to express yourself. It tells me so much about you.
June 15 at 8:40am

SportsNut said: Poor little troll, you are so stupid. If those countries are so great with education then please tell me why so many students come to the USA to attend college and play sports? There truth is that our College system is pretty damn good and the world knows it. You berating this country is a typical troll tactic and just shows how low you will stoop to troll. When was the last time you stomped on or burned an American flag?

SportsNut said: Here is another fact for you cow dung student. If schools over seas were so superior, then why do so many students come to America to attend college? That is a rhetorical question you dumb shit. I know you are having a tough time following because this isn’t in crayon so your dumb ass can keep up.
June 14 at 10:51pm

SportsNut said: I noticed you created a new fake profile with my name on it on the IR site so you could troll and push your agenda. Trying to show how low you can sink?
June 14 at 11:24pm

Reason said: I have no idea what you are talking about. Why not get your friends in law enforcement to “out” the scoundrel?
June 15 at 8:37am

SportsNut said: Sure you know what I am talking about. You must have bought the book “Trolling the net 101 for dummies” because you are totally predictable in your tactics. You are beyond pathetic.
June 15 at 10:54am

SportsNut said: You even stated how to do it without it being traceable on your stupid blog. You do realize that you are making it easy for people to follow your illegal activity? Yes harassing others like you are doing is illegal so please keep it up.

Reason said: The Helena School District could avoid this nonsense and save OVER $700,000 PER YEAR by getting rid of school sports and letting them form private clubs.
June 17 at 9:47am

SportsNut said: Stop pulling figures out of your dumb ass.
June 22 at 8:53pm

Reason said: SportsNut, why do you deny those numbers? They come the Helena School Districts budget. And that is only travel and stipends. You know, I could have an adult conversation with you but you are so defensive when the subject is sports that you are unable todeal with it rationally. It’s just like your irrational claim that I was trying to “out” dietz1963. The full transcript of that dialog is on my blog and all I ever did was caution his about his disclosing too much personal information. You took that and my questioning whether sports should be in our schools, a valid topic of discussion, and have been on your little rampage ever since. You see why you appear to be irrational? And look at the aggression in your language and all the words you know you can’t use on the HelenaIR site. You appear to be filled with anger and want to lash out. That is quite childish, just like it’s childish to delete someone’s comments out of that frustration.

Back to those numbers which you say here and on the HelenaIR that I have faked those numbers, that is a lie. Go look at the actual expenditures of coach stipend and team travel. It’s online for all to see. I suggest some steak sauce on those words you’ll have to eat.
June 23 at 10:08am

SportsNut said: Please show us these numbers then. You want to have an adult conversation? Even after you called my son a wanna be? I am using a very real account so I can have an adult conversation, you are using a fake account so you can’t. There is a fact for you.
June 23 at 5:21pm

SportsNut said: None of those figures are anywhere near 700,00 dollars. So you gave a link that didn’t support your numbers. Shock.
June 23 at 5:23pm

SportsNut said: You will lie about anything but what should we expect when someone uses a fake account?
June 23 at 5:26pm

Reason said: You couldn’t find those numbers in the link? That’s OK, I am used to working with the slower students. Your IEP probably indicates that you need some extra help. The link is to the district’s budget and shows actual spending.

If you look at page 6, you will find the 2015 actual expenditures. Look down the list and you will find these two numbers:

Coach stipends: $664,307
Team travel: $224,520

Add them together (use the + on your calculator) and you get a total of


That’s even bigger than the $700K I mentioned.

Now, for your homework, figure out what that comes to per athlete. Then figure out how much is spend per math student.
June 24 at 10:14am

SportsNut said: What a fool like you doesn’t understand is that high school sports benefit children in many ways. They can’t get that from club teams. My daughter played travel ball and it is way beyond high school ball. We treated high school like practice. My son has done many sports and played on some club teams. Here is a fact. In club teams not all children are going to get the same opportunities. Parents are often the coaches and they will screw over other kids no matter their skill level. We had it happen so we played out of state. Granted there are high school coaches that will play their children when they are not very good but it was not the soccer team. If you want to go down that path that we need to cancel sports then what needs to happen is that we just cancel school and privatize everything. Nothing is paid for with public funds at all. To cancel extra curricular programs just because you don’t like them is absurd. Some of our greatest leaders did extra curricular activities and they learned how to be leaders and balance being very active. All important in the real world.
June 24 at 12:03pm

SportsNut said: Wait, Home work? Fuck you, you fake piece of shit.
June 24 at 12:04pm

Reason said: So, your language must be related to you choking on your own words, calling my numbers “fake,” when they are right from the school district. Ouch, that must have hurt.
June 24 at 3:54pm

Reason said: As for your arguments regarding the benefits of sports, I have never argued against them, have I? I even mentioned that I had a decade of coaching experience that included two state titles. But, you seem so rabid on the topic and so defensive, you cannot even discuss it.

Keep in mind, that for all the good sports in high schools does, it serves, in most schools, a minority of students. Not all kids are sports fans and nothing is more painful than forcing them to attend a football rah-rah rally. It’s like making an atheist go to church.

Now, regarding getting rid of school sports and letting club sports replace them, you expressed concern that some kids wouldn’t be able to afford club sports and that is a rationale for having them in our schools. Isn’t that just a form of welfare? Given your attacks on “liberals” one might assume that you’d be against all government handouts but, like most RINOs, when it comes down to YOUR sacred cow, government welfare is just fine.

There are numerous other programs that benefits kids like sports do and are we to use tax dollars to fund all of those? Keep in mind, again, that school sports serve a minority community AND school sports isn’t even the school’s primary mission.

And, to remain eligible, a D average is all that is required. If we were serious about linking sports to academics, we’d up that to a at least B average, but, well, there goes the football and wrestling programs, the two programs with traditionally the lowest GPAs.

You see, I am keeping my eye on the academic mission of the schools at a time where they are under intense scrutiny for not meting the highest performance standards. When one examines schools that do meet such standards, schools sports do not dominate the school culture they way the do in most American schools.

One of the best domestic examples are the High Tech High schools on the west coast which I had the pleasure to visit a few years ago. They were originally just a high school but the model proved so successful they are now K-12 with multiple schools. They are a public school. They are one of the highest performing school systems in the nation and operate within an existing school system. They draw their student population evenly from the entire community. They have intramural sports so all the “teamwork” stuff you crow about is there but they do the same thing in their academic arena to ensure that ALL students learn those skills, not just the ones who “go out.”

You see, the model of how to get all the benefits you cite for sports can be done without this huge expense of running our traditional athletic programs. These successful schools have proved that.

But, I get it. You are a sports fan. You probably even watch sports on television, watching teams where you do not know anyone personally. I get it. It is a self-esteem boost. The psychology is well-know. But, if we want to prepare our students for the real 21st-century, which means to be competitive on a world-wide scale, we need to do a better job of educating them. We have the models. We just have to make the changes.
June 24 at 4:20pm

Reason said: SportsFan, I’d also like to point out that the Montana Code, 20-1-102, that spells out the goals of our K-12 schools system address plenty of academic goals and says nothing about sports.
June 24 at 4:21pm

SportsNut said: Choke on your own vomit because that is all that comes out of your mouth. I love chatting with a fake account and no matter what you post it doesn’t matter because you are fake. You are just a piece of shit that will argue anything and everything. I have only seen you agree once in many years. You are a fake troll and no one respects you. I am just mocking your fake dumb cowardly ass.
June 25 at 2:30am

SportsNut said: I highly doubt you ever coached but I guarantee that my daughter has far more state titles than you do and we won’t even mention my son. You are a pathetic loser that can’t use a real account. Sad.
June 25 at 2:31am

SportsNut said: Not once will you see me pushing religion on anyone and your anti religion crap is just as sick as those that push their religion. You need to learn to shut the fuck up.
June 25 at 2:32am

SportsNut said: Stop your incessant babbling. No one gives a shit what you say or how many times you say it. You are using a fake account because you are a coward. Cowards lie. You are fake. Grow some balls. You fucking loser.
June 25 at 2:34am

Reason said: “I guarantee that my daughter has far more state titles than you do and we won’t even mention my son.” Taking credit for someone else’s accomplishments. Spoken like a true sports fan.
June 25 at 11:22am

Reason said: Looks like the true numbers are still sticking in your throat. You called them fake and I shoved them down your craw. And you call me a “loser.” Look who’s really lost here.
June 25 at 11:24am

Reason said: Why aren’t you trolling the HelenaIR and badgering everyone there who doesn’t post under their own names if anonymity such a problem for you?
June 25 at 11:25am

Reason said: People use “fake accounts,” AKA enable anonymity, because the world has crazy people in it. You know, like those who claim they will call in law enforcement about a fake crime. You are one transparent piece of work.
June 25 at 11:26am

Reason said: You said “You need to learn to shut the fuck up.” And if I don’t? What are YOU going to do about it? I’ve been posting like this for over 30 years. What makes you think YOU could possibly change my behavior? Here, let me help you out with that. SportsFan, you can’t do anything about it. While you might be under some delusion that you have some power in your little world, here you are nothing but another entity with a keyboard. For all your bluster and accusations, are you even aware that you have become the very thing you are riling against? I won’t STFU for you or anyone. Powerless is where you are here and the sooner you get used to the sooner your anger will dissipate.
June 25 at 11:31am

Reason said: You said “I guarantee that my daughter has far more state titles than you do and we won’t even mention my son.” I don’t have a state title. I coached teams who did. What I find interesting and telling about your response to what I wrote was that itmade you feel inadequate, that someone you abhor, who you mistakenly think is anti-sports, could possibly have been with teams who garnered state titles. That inadequacy led to you post what I just quoted. You could have said a lot things but that was just precious and SOOO revealing that your “come back” was essentially “well, my dad can beat up your dad.” It is also “pure sports fan,” one who gets their self-esteem boosts through activities of others. Don’t worry, it’s not uncommon. You have plenty of company. Lots of guys, and let’s face it, it’s primarily a guy thing, sit in front of a TV and talk and or yell at the characters on the screen, knowing you could do what they are doing so much better, although you never do. I’ll bet you have a BIG screen TV so you can pretend you are part of the action. If you haven’t seen the movie “Silver Linings Playbook,” do so. The Robert De Niro character is the consummate sports fan I describe.
June 25 at 12:47pm

SportsNut said: Nope, you never coached a damn thing other than your little minions you troll the net with. You are pathetic and yes you need to learn to shut the fuck up. The Reason said: is because you sound and look like a totally stupid piece of shit. I know you don’t care. You use a fake account because you are a coward. Don’t sit there and tell someone that is using a real account why you are using a fake account, it is because you are a piece of shit coward. My children being who they are has nothing to do with being a sports fan you dumb fuck. No sense explaining what being a good parent is to a troll like you. Trolls like you lie to advance their agenda, all your numbers are fake, just like you. Sad that you claim that you have been doing this pathetic shit for 30 years. That is what makes you a crazy person. You sit there a troll people just seeking to piss them off. Then you get frustrated when it doesn’t work. I pity you. As I stated, I don’t push religion on anyone but you are so sick in the head you push your crap on everyone. Huge difference ass puppet. Why are you still lying about what I said? Oh yeah because all you can do is lie, it is what trolls do. I never threatened you but you know that, that is just you being you. You are the power less one, you have no power because you are using a fake account, so pathetic of you. Go buy a gun and shoot yourself in the head.
June 26 at 2:22am

SportsNut said: I love that you feel that you have any power over anyone, you don’t and you know it. You are the one that feels inadequate in everyday life, that is why you are here trolling others. Don’t suggest anything from your little fake account. What you say means nothing because you don’t have the balls to use a real account. You even lied at first when you started posting and claimed this was a real account. So yet again, you had to lie. SHOCK! Shut the Fuck up.
June 26 at 2:24am

SportsNut said: Don’t talk about me dad, he is dead you dumb fuck
June 26 at 2:24am

SportsNut said: Hey dumb fuck! I don’t watch sports on TV. Get a real account.
June 26 at 2:25am


Our self-appointed moderator on the HelenaIR has openly admitted to deleting comments he doesn’t agree with:

dolphind3 Jul 26, 2016 10:01pm

Actually I have discussed this with the IR and certain things are not allowed like attacks and spamming so I will continue to report them. I talked to them today and they stated everything I was reporting needed to be removed. Perhaps you should ask posters to stop attacking each other and spamming.

Of course, what he defines as “attacks” are pretty much any comment I make.  The thread where his admission was made is How will Fox enforce bathroom policy.

I have, of course kept copies of my comments which I post below.


Atheist Educator Jul 27, 2016 07:17am

Sherlock said “I really didn’t need to know this about you…” But you just love the visual images it conjures in your head, don’t you?


Atheist Educator Jul 27, 2016 12:21am

Hey, dolph, what’s really funny is that you can’t delete what I say on FB, can you? Oh, that’s right, you “blocked” me there, meaning you can’t see what I write even though everyone else can.


Atheist Educator Jul 27, 2016 12:16am

dolphind3, since you are attacking the transgendered, you should be deleting your own comments.


Atheist Educator Jul 26, 2016 5:33pm

MtMadeMan, where do hermaphrodites go now?


Atheist Educator Jul 27, 2016 12:15am

5thgen, it’s pretty obvious who is deleting the comments, just look at his admission. And notice it’s MY comments. He is on his silly crusade ever since of toasted his gonads in a discussion on Facebook. This guy is a loser and a coward.


Atheist Educator Jul 27, 2016 12:12am

dolphind3said “Putting some teeth behind this law will discourage the perverts and if it doesn’t then they can be arrested.”

Laws against hazing haven’t put a stop to that and, if you want to talk about “perverts” we might discuss why “anal hazing,” AKA “sodomy,” is so popular with football players and wrestlers and the practice is on the rise:

Hazing Rituals in High School Sports Becoming More Sexually Violent

Anal hazing is apparently a thing in American high schools now

Even in Montana:

Great Falls High student charged with rape, sexual assault

Third Glacier High School Student Admits Role in Football Bus Hazing


atheist Educator Jul 26, 2016 5:35pm
MtMadeMan said “Absolutely nothing to do with the story. All deflection and muddying the story.”

Priceless considering that 7 minutes before you wrote that you posted this:

“Obamacare is the biggest invasion of healthcare privacy this country has ever seen. Huge data bases just ripe for Russian hacking.”

MtMadeMan asks for “Please give us a link to the Priest in the restroom. ”

Here, there is at least one for you.  Scary stuff:

Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States

And why do you characterize “criticism” as “hatred?”  Does that mean, after all the comments we’ve read from you, that you “hate” liberals and progressives?


Atheist Educator Jul 27, 2016 12:13am

ET, it doesn’t solve the problem of some guy wearing a Roman collar following a little boy into a restroom. We have more evidence that those predators are a bigger problem than transgendered.


Atheist Educator Jul 26, 2016 12:16pm

dietz1963, it’s not just one gender with that problem. You might not be familiar with the side-effects of “hovering.”


Atheist Educator Jul 26, 2016 5:32pm

doc, yes, finally true equality.

Atheist Educator Jul 27, 2016 12:13am

dolphind3 said “Democrats are trying to strip that right to privacy.”

That’s funny since it’s conservatives who want to deny women the right to privacy in their healthcare decisions.


Atheist Educator Jul 26, 2016 3:10pm

5thgen, I don’t see what stops a predator now from dressing like either male or female to go commit a crime. Enforcement is the problem.


Atheist Educator Jul 26, 2016 9:07am

So, if an individual is born female but has transitioned to male (at least in dress), how is someone going to feel about having someone who appears male going into the girls’ restroom?


The HelenaIR is discovering the flaw in their comment moderation system.  They have no moderation and anyone, yes, anyone can delete a comment posted to their site.  That is fine in theory, you know, the online community polices itself, however, that has led to abuse and the stifling of the free exchange of ideas.

The problem with moderation is that when the site owner takes on that responsibility they have to dedicate assets to that job, meaning those assigned to the task must review each comment before it can appear on the site.  This leads to not just directing resources to something that may or may not have a revenue stream but results in a delay before comments appear on the site.

The Billings Gazette grappled with this and decided to require a Facebook log in to comment.  The commenting plummeted, along with page views, and they went back to the old system where, apparently, some cub reporter or administrative assistant has to go through the comments on the lookout out for libelous statements or occurrences of potty mouth.

The Montana Standard, after a tussle over some leaked information or whatever, decided to require “real names” for all commenters.  Anyone who already had an account had to submit their “real name” to their profile.  “John Doe” works just fine to comply with that requirement.

So, the HelenaIR figures that the commenting community can police themselves.  That has turned into more like a police state.  The rate at which comments are deleted has skyrocketed.  On one thread, I have posted the same comment a half dozen times.  It stays an the site for a few hours before it is removed.  The comment is in no way a violation of the comment policy so it appears that I have tweaked someone but good.

And I have a pretty good idea of who that is.  More on that in a moment.

What has happened there in the last 24-hours is pretty interesting.  Threads that I have commented on have had ALL their comments removed.  Any comment I make is gone within a couple hours.

I started carefully monitoring when I posted and reposted comments and when they are removed and what do you know?  The removal coincides with dolphind3 making a comment somewhere on the site.

To review, dolphind3 is the neanderthal who has taken much exception to what I and written on that site.  He had two big issues with me in March 2015, all documented here.

One was that I questioned whether sports should be part of our public schools.  He crapped his pants over that and accused me of not supporting students and wanted to enlist others in seeing that the school district is notified of my heresy.

The other issue demonstrates his loose grasp on reality and reason.  I had cautioned commenter dietz1963 regarding how much personal information he was disclosing about himself in the comment threads and suggested that he back off if he wished to retain his anonymity.  dolphind3 jumped on that and accused me of attempting to “out” dietz1963 and said he was going to contact his friends in law enforcement and have me found out and dealt with.  This chump said he had this power and had done it before.

Somehow, I wasn’t concerned….

So, a year later, when a soccer coach issue dominated local education affairs, I post some comments and links questioning sports in schools and why coaches don’t have to meet the same standards of behavior as teachers.  I also post links to MANY cases of bullying related to school sports.  These comments are quickly deleted, reposted, deleted, reposted…

Then dolphind3 issues a challenge to meet up with him on the HelenaIR Facebook page, where no one can be anonymous.  I take up his challenge and roundly excoriate him in a venue where he cannot delete my comments.  He just about goes postal and can hardly type three words without inserting an expletive.  He says I was using a “fake account” since my newsfeed didn’t have many items on it, completely ignoring that his own newsfeed hadn’t had a new posting in 6 months.  What a lamer!

I neutered his Facebook comments at every turn and finally he blocked me.  Of course, the noob is so lame that he doesn’t understand that I can still see everything he posts.  All he has done is blocked himself from seeing my comments.  Yep, the truth is hard and the weak-minded are better off not seeing it.  He’s an ostrich in the online world.

With Facebook now safe for him, he now deletes pretty much any comment I make on the HelenaIR site.  And while we don’t know if it is him, any thread I comment on has ALL the comments removed.

For all his bravado, this guy is a thin-skinned wimp if words are all it takes for him to piss his pants.




Over on the HelenaIR, the driver of the Clown Car of Commenters, dolphind3, a master-deleter, may have been sighted.

On the thread COLUMN: Zoo tragedy exposes social media’s shame tribunal he was making one of his inane comments targeted at me:


“dolphind3 Jun 8, 2016 12:37pm

It’s okay dietz. For the most part just ignore that moran. Even if I did agree with them I would not admit it because of the bullying tactics and blog this troll uses to push its agenda.”


Did you see that spelling error?  “moran?”

Then, two days ago we have this story show up at the Montana Cow Girl blog:

Analysis: Voters reject TEA Party wing in most GOP primaries

Click on that link to see the photo.

Coincidence?  I think not.

dolphind3, is that a mullet you are hiding under that headgear?



Over the past week or so the news has been slow on the HelenaIR.  So, to keep themselves busy, the Clown Car of Commenters has decided to take on AE and nitpick an assortment of comments, usually in the whiney mode.  They have followed me from thread to thread like the children of Hamelin on the song of my piping.

The HelenaIR reprinted an opinion piece from the Billings Gazette, where I had commented originally, about how the government was tight-lipped about violence on the Reservations.  I copied my comment and reposted it on the HelenaIR site.  This, of course, was like chum in the water for the Clown Car of Commenters and they decided, well dwmoore did and dietz1963, never the original thinker, copied dw’s comment, to ask me, as I have done to others who complain about the paper, if I was going to cancel my subscription.

I asked why they thought I was a subscriber and dietz1963 thought he saw his opening:


“Either that or your hacking in. Most anyone can comment, who has not subscribed, is perhaps a couple of times in a month on different articles. You’re all over the place every day so either have a subscription or you’re hacking some kinda way. Which is it? See if you can actually answer a question without deflecting.”


I answered:


“dietz1963 said “Either that or your hacking in. Most anyone can comment, who has not subscribed, is perhaps a couple of times in a month on different articles. You’re all over the place every day so either have a subscription or you’re hacking some kinda way.”

Anyone can have an account and comment here. All that is required is an email address, and those are certainly free and easy to set up.

Hacking in? What are you talking about? Without a subscription anyone can read and comment on this site as often as they wish.

Do you even know what “hacking in” means?”


dietz1963 replies:


“Atheist deflector, you have not answered the question. Can I have my InHave bridge now?”


So, he wants the question as to whether I am “hacking in” answered.  OK served him up this:


“dietz1963, in other words, you have no idea of what hacking is and have no idea how this site works.

I am not surprised.

Your accusing me of “hacking” this site will just have to make it to my blog. If you knew anything about computers, networking, and how any of this works you would be embarrassed. You are a noob and destined to always be one.

And, you are desperate. It’s as if you think that if you can find me in some kind of error that will, somehow, magically erase all of your inaccurate, fallacious, and misleading statements. Sorry, little man. The score is balanced against you. You can call me a liar and all the other names but you cannot come close to show that I have made anywhere the same errors you have. Just like these:

– an employer can block an employee from taking their own 401K money

– no veterans can get eye care through the VA

– tens of thousands of slaves joined the Confederate army

And, now, you accuse me of “hacking” this site. You are clueless as to what “hacking” is and it shows. Thanks for the additional content.”

So, there you have it from noobs of the online world.  This is like when dolphind3 claimed he had to register and they can find out who this is” when he accused me of criminal behavior a bit over a year ago, all documented here.   dietz1963 is lamer than dolphind3 if he thinks that it takes “hacking” to use the HelenaIR site freely without a subscription.  We can just add this to long list of things he runs his mouth about when doesn’t have the knowledge to back it up.  There is certainly nothing new about that.


The wholesale deletion of user comments on the HelenaIR continues to be a problem but the perpetrator has come forward.  In a comment on the that issue, dolphind3 said


“deleting comments which I rarely do unless they are an attack”


Of course, what this promoter of censorship means is that any comment that he doesn’t agree with is considered an “attack.”  Here are some of his uses of that word, “attack:”


“…this person has to make up things in their head to rationalize their victimization so they can attack others.”

“Oh look another attack…”

“Sorry but you can’t attack people on here like you do…”

“I have tried to ignore your attacks and I no longer am going to tolerate them.”

“It tried to attack dietz again and the IR deleted the attack.”

“So nice of you to come on here and play the victim when you are the one attacking.”

“…there are a few people that call you out for your attacks on others…”

“It doesn’t give you the right to attack others like you do.”

“You just attack others behind your little keyboard…”

“…look at the years that they have been at this and the documentation of the attacks and bullying that they do.”

“…lack of facts make the posts laughable at best and result in nothing but attacks on others.”

As you can see, it is one of his favorite words.  Now he has appointed himself as the Sheriff of Censorship to protect us all from viewpoints he believes we just can’t handle.  The truth is, many of us post viewpoints that HE can’t handle and we back them up with facts, facts he can’t dispute, so in his totalitarian world, facts must be vanquished.

Poor little dolphind3, we’re all out to attack you and your diminutive worldview.