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Over on the HelenaIR, a letter to the editor, by a pastor, challenges legislators to act like Christians and use their position to help society take care of the poor.  The comments that follow take on the issue of “force charity, ” AKA: government welfare, and individual-directed charity.  Of course, there are some who use the thread to tell us how bad we atheists are because Christian donate more money than nonbelievers.  Limber, a regular commenter with a great intellect, smacks that myth down with a very focused rebuttal.

Way down that thread, our Master of Bravado, dietz1963, tries mixing it up with Paulmont.

dietz1963 warns MtMadeMan about Paulmont: “This guys rabid hatred of religion is obvious MtMadeMan, as is his ignorance. He’ll go on to tell you how he’s read the bible (why would an atheist read the bible anyway) and this goon doesn’t realize how many bibles there are in the world. But, he’s read the bible so he’s the expert. LOL.”

Paulmont responds “Dietz1963 – ignorance? goon? Your tissue-thin bravado over the internet belies a deep-seated yet breathtakingly obvious insecurity. Yes – I absolutely despise religion. The same way I despise cowardice. Why do I read the KJV bible? So I can continue to easily dismantle idiotic arguments from people like you, MMM, Boyle, and the rest of the hypocrites. Care to debate it with me? Care to pit your intellect against my ignorance?”

dietz1963 comes back with “Na, there is no good debate with people like you in cyber space over beliefs. Go bait someone else, troll.”

Paulmont answers “dietz1963 – I am suggesting a face-to-face debate so you couldn’t hide behind your keyboard. What about it?”

dietz1963 cowers with “Reading comprehension problem Paulmont? Cyberspace or face to face, there is no good debate with someone like you over beliefs. Your views are quite clear when it comes to religion, particularly religious people. You’ll never convince me a higher power didn’t/doesn’t exist and I most certainly won’t convince you of it either. As you can see, there is no point in debating it. Perhaps you’ll have better luck with the others you cyber attack? Or the “hypocrites” as you call them.

Now, once again, go bait someone else.”

Farther down the thread,

dietz1963 said, in part,  “Besides, with exception of a couple commandments, the rest are LAWS written by humans actually in force.”

Paulmont responds: “dietz1963 – once again demonstrating his loose grasp on reality. “With the exception of a couple commandments, the rest are LAWS written by humans…… blah blah”. OK dietz, what to you call a couple? Two, right? Let’s do the math together…… murder and theft are illegal under Montana Code. All the remaining 8 commandments do NOT have laws declaring them illegal (including adultery). So what we have here is an error rate of 400%…… considering collectively all the idiotic things dietz has said, this doesn’t actually seem too bad.”

dietz1963 says “See my previous reply Paulmont.”

Paulmont says “dietz and his trademark “tuck and run”

It’s pretty funny watching dietz1963’s bravado crumble, especially after he was trying to impress everyone on another thread telling us how he had been in “Special Ops” in the military.

 March 25, 2015 Update

Paulmont continue to prods dietz1963:

“dietz – are you willing to tell me face-to-face that I’m ignorant? Are you willing to try and prove that I’m ignorant? 

Tell you what – I’ll tell you exactly where I’ll be this Friday morning (3/27) between 06:30 and 08:30. We can meet in person and you can tell me just how stupid I am. Agreed?”

March 26, 2015 Update

The coward of the Helena IR is stir squirming, trying to get away from manning up to libel he committed.  His approach is to call others cowards:

dietz1963 “Don’t know what that’s supposed to mean Atheist Uneducator. Newsguy asked about you guy going on the radio and I suggested addressing your thoughts either at a seminar or at a church. Three different avenues where you “brave men” could show all of us what you’re made of. Instead, you children chose to cower behind your keyboards at those suggestions and went back to puffing up your chests again with the standard insults, belittling etc…..

Keyboard warriors. How pathetic. Its time for you boys to move on, as you can see just about everyone has made the correct and wise decision not to feed you trolls. Might have better luck over at the Missoulian or the Billings Gazette.”

dietz1963 “Gutless blowhard”? Its insults like this why no one is feeding you trolls and EXACTLY why I or anyone else wouldn’t meet you (or atheist educator, for that matter) anywhere. I have no desire to have some atheist going postal on me. Thanks but no thanks.

You have a great day though, tough guy.”

You know, if dietz1963 ever did meet up with Paulmont for a debate where dietz1963 has to defend his claim that Paulmont is “ignorant,” it’s a pretty sure bet that dietz1963 would be publicly spanked worse than he gets it on the Helena IR.

After reading Paulmont’s many comments, and looking at his resume on his company’s web site, it is pretty clear that dietz1963 would end up with his pants around his ankles and be red-assed before his supposed martial art skills would know what happened.


March 27, 2015 Update

It looks like dietz1963 has been reporting some of Paulmont’s comments as “Abuse” and having them removed.  Hahahaha!  The comments are all here and they will not be removed.  Here’s the latest from Paulmont:

Paulmont “Gutless blowhard (dietz1963) – you still running your mouth? YOU are the coward that called me ignorant…… not the church, not anybody else. I’ll meet you face-to-face at any place of your choosing. It is profoundly hypocritical to say that AEd and I are cowering behind our keyboards………. You’re getting called out. Put on your big boy panties and accept the challenge.”

Paulmont “One more thing gutless: there is a huge difference between an insult and a characterization. You have PROVEN that you are a gutless blowhard. I’m more than willing to prove that I’m not (as you stated) ignorant. How about tomorrow morning? Afternoon? Evening? This weekend? Next week? You pick the time and place. Let’s get together and work it out………. Have a great day, impotently fuming and tapping out.”

Paulmont “Awwww. poor gutless blowhard – keeps reporting my posts as abusive. The ones where I pointed out his cowardice. He evidently couldn’t stand anybody seeing that he was being called out and he tucked tail and fled.”

Paulmont “Gutless Blowhard 1963 – Wow – still running your mouth and running from what you said about me. When one is unable/unwilling to stand up for what they assert, then one’s words have no merit. You brought this upon yourself. Here are the choices available to a Man: 1)apologize; 2)keep your trap shut; 3)call me “ignorant” to my face. You have refused to do any of these – instead spending your time having my comments expunged from the string. Why don’t you start behaving with the same machismo your empty words reflect?”

The response from dietz1963………crickets……..


I’ve been noticing the lack of online commentary from the dim bulb Helena on weekends.  While he will go on a virtual rant against all that “annoys” him and “makes his blood boil” from 9am Monday to about 3 pm on Friday, he is silent outside those parameters.  Not that we miss him and not that we don’t enjoy that the intellectual average of comments rises in his absence, but one does wonder why someone so addicted to getting so roundly spanked for their spews during the week would forgo that pleasure on the weekends.

There are all kinds of possibilities:

– Perhaps he has been found guilty of crime and is serving his time in one of those “weekends only” sentences.

– Maybe he only has access to a computer at his job and they are closed on the weekends.

– It possible that he spends weekends with other nut-jobs and they have no Internet access from their remote compound.

– Perhaps his doctor told him to back off on weekends since he is usually so anxiety-ridden by the end of the week that his meds alone aren’t doing the job.

Yes, there are all sorts of possibilities.

Well, the truth finally came out. After dodging the issue with red herrings and ad hominems, dietz1963 finally came out and pretty much admitted he is a creationist.

When pressing him on his rejection of an article in Scientific American that explains how scientists know the age of the earth, he said that it is

“Nothing more then a web link to an article, how many times do I have to write it? I read all sorts of things, that does not mean I take anything I read at face value and am a person who does look for “physical evidence”. An article doesn’t do that for me. One that makes since, would be this one…”

and he posts a link to:

That site is a cleverly crafty creationist apologist site trying to look like it features “real” science because it posts links to “real” science journals.

However, one only has to drill around a bit to find all kinds of creationist nonsense. Such as an article labeled:

“Why Evolution Is Wrong”

Heck, the first thing I saw when going to the site is an ad for, you guessed, a Bible study program. Then, scolling down, there was an ad telling me that “Chinese Ladies are Ready to Date You.”

‘Nuff said.

Just when we thought that the dim bulb of the Helena IR had cornered the practice of generalizing in most comments, we have a new Commanding General of the Generalization, MtMadeMan. In what can only be defined as troll-like behavior, this General wanders into many threads and plops his smelly little proclamations blaming all evils of the world on someone he calls “liberals.” It seems that this poor individual had no cognitive ability to assess gradation in his world. To him it is all good or evil, conservative or liberal, black or white, or with us or against us. Occassionally he equates a “liberal” with being a “democrat,” such as his:

“Because it seems you are a liberal democrat.”

Here are few examples of his drivel:

“I always follow the ‘moral’ advice of liberals who also push abortion. They lied about Obamacare from day one.”

“It is so bad of liberals from blocking job creation in this country so that people could be able to pay for their own insurance.”

“Liberals also assuage their guilt by thinking taxes they support are charity that will get them into heaven.”

“As to peace and love, the worst hate I see in this country are rants against women and blacks who have chosen to be conservative. And those rants are from liberals who won’t tolerate anything but their beliefs.”

“I always LOL when I see liberals using childish distortions of names like school yard bullies.”

“Because liberals are reactionary emotional ant-intellectual Neanderthals who were never potty trained.”

“But then we know how well Democrats love to govern in secret…”

“After all that is all democrats do is lie.”

“…I get all riled up when liberals lie about ‘facts’, which is pretty much all of the time.”

“Liberals were trying to bankrupt her. Because they believe in personal attacks.”

“But isn’t the liberal mantra that oil companies are evil and need to be destroyed so that we are all forced to go solar?”

“A lot like liberal luddite claims of wage discrimination against women, another disproven factoid.”

“Because liberals want gun crime so they can write more useless laws till they declare the only solution is an outright ban.”

“The first 10 Amendments are God given rights (liberals will hate that part) that are not given by the government…”

“Extremist liberals always think they are centrists. They can’t even admit the truth of their extremism to themselves.”

“What a bunch of liberal tripe.”

“You are just trying to justifiy [sic] hate speech from the left.”

“Money wasted on cronyism for liberals and their supporters.”

“Democrats would support abortion for eye color or sex.”

“I know I am conservative. I laugh at those who are liberal and claim to be centrists.”

Then, when another commenter does the same regarding a Republican’s claim about “legitimate rape” all The King of Generalzing can say is:

“So you blame all republicans for one idiot.”

Ah, life must be so simple when it can be reduced to either / or.

And it looks like the dim bulb of the Helena IR has someone new he can salute.

In what is a bit of déjà vu, I was accused of criminal behavior, again, this time on the Helena Independent Record.  It seems like only yesterday when the accusation was leveled at me over on the Missoulian by a commenter who said I was bigot and therefore had committed a “hate crime” by criticizing religion.  I wrote about that here and here and we all got a good laugh as that dolt then made a food of himself with his claim that no one can be anonymous on the Internet, least of all, not of these newspaper sites and a “zealous prosecutor” would find me out even if it meant using international treaties to track me down through Bulgaria.  (You can’t make this stuff up!)

It’s time to share the latest act of desperation from someone who disagrees with my position on a topic and then conflates that into his own alternate reality.

Humorously, it started with two stories regarding a car crash involving Kardashians.  The first story is now here, but, interestingly, the comments have been removed.  The second story is here.  The comments which showed up were overall negative about these celebrities.

I wanted to show that one person’s celebrity-to-mock is another’s celebrity-to-worship and drew a comparison between the Kardashians and sports fans, saying there is no difference between fawning over Hollywood-types and those who play children’s games for public consumption.

Well, commenter dolphind3 would have none of that.  Missing my point, and essentially disclosing his preferred type of celebrity worship, he goes on the personal attack, telling me that people like me who couldn’t compete are filled with envy over those who do.  I, of course, asked him to support his claim and he just came back with more blather.

In the meantime, the dim bulb of Helena, was doing his usual nonsense and, indirectly and directly, disclosing things about himself.  I attempted to advise him to refrain from doing that in order to retain his anonymity.  This lit dolphind3 up and he quickly accused me of trying to “out” dietz1963.  With that, and my attitude toward sports, dolphind3 asked those reading to contact law enforcement and the school district and see that I am dealt with.  Here is a taste of him:


“Dietz stop talking to that guy, you need to report him to the IR. He threatened to out you. Another bullying tactic by a cyber coward, I am starting to think I would like to meet this guy and if he is a teacher then the district needs to know how he is conducting himself online so they can deal with him. He is also doing this while he is at his job working for the school system. What kind of a teacher doesn’t understand that it is his responsibility to support the children of the community? That means all children, students and student athletes as well. Speech and debate is just as important as football and our world has people that can excel at both. These are our future leaders. I urge you to please report this guy. The school district and police should be talked to as he had to register and they can find out who this is and put a stop to this person claiming to represent the district. It has been done before. My identity is hardly a secret, many people in daily life often comment to me about what they see online and thank me for my support of the Sherriff to putting trolls like this in his place. This includes officials with the state and carroll and also law enforcement. It is time that this bullying is stopped.”

dolphind3 didn’t garner much support except from the usually more rational, Bidnessman who said


“This was taken as a threat towards dietz by dietz and dolphind3. That remark added nothing to this discussion about business practices. A like comment directed towards me would bring the same reaction.”


And, to dolphind3’s above tome, Bidnessman said


“I agree 100% with dolphind3.”


So, far I have had no contact from law enforcement or even an email from the Helena IR moderators, who must be amused by the tomfoolery, with the emphasis on those fools.  I won’t be holding my breath waiting for the black helicopters to start circling overhead.



Yes, it’s been just over a year since my last posting here and I wasn’t sure if I would ever return, but dialog on one of the favored venues is just too good NOT to archive some of it here.

I’ve been fairly active on the Helena Independent Record and their moderation is both quick and fair.  In the past year I’ve probably only had two comments that didn’t make it through.

The culture there is, well, hmmm, OK, simplistic.  There are the usual thinkers among the non-believers but on the “other side,” thinking rarely comes into play.  It’s been fun doing the usual sparring and creating the occasional bit of outrage but on no other venue have I seen things go so personal so quickly.

One of the regulars, dietz1963, a self-appointed expert on virtually every topic (a prime example of the Dunning–Kruger effect in action) is unable to dissect a topic but simply (and I really mean “simply”) parrots Fox news-type one-liners and when challenged will change the subject or invoke any one of his regular logical fallacies.  He will also resort to ad hominens and other attacks on other commenters, taking everything as a personal affront.

I originally thought that dietz1963 might be teachable, (like we did “John” back in the days of the the Billings Gazette) but it is quite apparent that he is so mired in fear, he won’t even take suggestions that could improve his online credibility.  Instead he continues blundering headlong into one bottomless pit of irrationality after another, ignoring the helping hands that have tried to reach out to him.  The cognitive dissonance he must encounter with his daily forays into the online world must sound like a banging gong in his head.

To say this guy is a rube would be to invoke the Peter Principle.  Most of his claims are extremely simple to refute, but when that is done he goes into denial mode, accepting nothing as proof of his infallibility.

For example, in a thread about religion and science, he claimed that scientists do not know the age of the earth.  This was an easy challenge and I provided a link to a Scientific American piece that explains how they do know the age of the earth.  His response?  Since no scientist was there when it happened then all they can do is speculate.

In an earlier thread he was confused over the term “residency” and pontificated at length about who should not be paying state taxes and said that voting alone defines who is a resident.  I tried to explain that how, under tax laws, residency has a different meaning and a long list of how it is defined. I also explained how people may have homes, and businesses, in multiple states but only vote in one state, yet pay taxes in many states.  Residency for tax purposes if different.  I even posted the list of qualifications that the tax agencies use for this.

Oh, no, says dietz1963, it’s only decided on where one votes.  You see, even when presented with FACTS he stands fast to his beliefs.

There there was the John Holdren incident.  dietz1963 just loves to use any opportunity to blame something on Obama or make that administration look bad.  He is far from alone on this.  So, on a thread about global warming, another commenter wanted to illustrate why the Obama administration is so bad and points to John Holder, the president’s science and technology adviser.  This other commenter wanted to discredit Holdren so stated that Holdren had written “The Population Bomb” and few of the predictions in that book had come true, therefore, Holdren is a loser, therefore Obama is a loser.



“For me, it’s much about the credibility of some of the main people.
For example,John Holdren, our “science czar”. Having read his books,
The Population Bomb was required reading in high school, coupled with
his wild, outlandish predictions that have failed spectacularly, certainly allows
a healthy degree of skepticism to everything else he is promoting.”


Well, dietz1963 couldn’t miss an opportunity like that and piled right on to that fallacious bit of tripe, telling us how he’d also read that book and blah, blah, blah:


“I remember that book and you’re absolutely right. But AE is just going to come back with a “science evolved” or some other excuse.”


I corrected them and pointed out that Paul Ehrlick was the author of the work.  The other commenter admitted to the error and bowed out of the discussion.  But could dietz1963 do the same?  Never!

Not only will he not admit the error, which is right there for all to see, he expressed that he was “annoyed” when I quoted his own words and posted them as a new comment at the top of the thread.

This list goes on and on.  He has even accused me of favoring murder:

“Nice o see you support the killing of Christians.”

But, hey, one has to feel sorry for him, just a little.  He has told us, when caught up in his own errors, that engaging his full cognitive skills is so taxing that he only does so in life or death situations.

We know.  It shows.


In what can only be describe as a derangement, regular commenter and troll, Cato, restated his charges that Atheist Educator is guilty of a crime because of what Atheist Educator posts on the Missoulian’s comment threads, particularly this one.  This is nothing new and something I wrote about earlier.  But now Cato dove off over the cliff with claims about how AE can be detected by “zealous prosecutors.”

Cato lectures:

“When you log on, there is “an” IP address. The server is identified on the research sites that I am familiar with as to specific location. For that date and time, we know exactly where that server is and who runs it. The next time you log in, it may be a different IP address, but for that date and time, we know exactly where that server is and who owns it. The subpoena’s go to the server and the record of the date and time will identify specific users.”

Cato mistakingly thinks that anyone posting on the Missoulian, or any other site for that matter, can be tracked to their personal computer through their IP address.  I challenged this ascertion and Cato come back with a link to a story where this happened.  OK, I say, what if someone uses a proxy server?  Let’s say that the proxy server is run by a teenage hacker in Bulgaria and doesn’t save a log of the traffic through his server?

Cato’s response is a link to an extradition treaty between the U.S. and Bulgaria.  WTF?  Even if, and that is some “if,” the hacker was extradited, how is one’s identity retrieved from a server that doesn’t log it’s traffic?  Cato ignored that situation.

Then I posed the scenario where I simply use the free wi-fi as, say, a coffee shop.  To the rescue comes one of Cato’s “friends, Tamahagane, who says that the “security camera” recordings at Starbucks would be used to identify the culprit.  Tamahagane even states that “IP cloaking” is, in itself, illegal.

All of this because these dolts don’t like to see Christianity criticized in any way.

And, in the process of this, Cato admits that he uses AOL.  That explain a lot knowing that AOL is the original home of lamerz.


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