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It’s been a few weeks since the tussle at the HelenaIR over my comments regarding school sports.  Specifically it was comments I made about bullying and how school sports are part of bullying that we do not see directly addressed.  I posted examples of where this is a problem in just wrestling and the raging coward of that site would continuously delete my comments.  After playing that game for a while, I contacted the new editor who restored my comments only to have them deleted again.  More contacts with the editor took place and it appears that the problem has been resolved.

The coward has been nowhere to be seen in the past week or two.  Looks like he may have received quite the spanking.  We’ll see.  As I stated in an earlier posting, I will endeavor to post my opinion on school athletics and their relationship to bullying in every article on that site where it aligns with the topic.  Cowards be damned.


As I stated in a previous posting, a certain coward has been deleting my comments that suggest that hazing in school sports is a problem that needs to be dealt with.

Contact with the HelenaIR’s editor has been made and some of my comments were restored and I was told that the individual was notified of their transgression.

It sort of worked by, just like occurred on another another thread, a few continued to be deleted.

Rest assured coward, I will be commenting on ALL future stories on this topic with the same research.  I will also comment on all school-funding stories and argue that money can be saved and academic performance increased if athletics are eliminated.  The research is on my side and your pseudo-religious devotion to sports will continue to be blasphemed.

Over on the HelenaIR there is an article about what the school district is doing regarding suicide prevention, “School board hears about new YAM suicide prevention program.”  The comment section started with this:

“Maybe for start the schools should enforce their anti-bulling policy’s.”

The comments continue on with various aspects of bullying being brought up.  Then we have this from dolphind3, the site’s biggest coward and deleter of comments, who tells us:

“I suggest letting your children wrestle. You don’t see wrestlers getting bullied…”

I countered that suggestion and said that wresting has a bullying issue of its own and posting links to over a half-dozen story from just the past two years where wrestlers bullied and assaulted others.

That comment was deleted and dolphind3 patted himself on the back with this:

“I want to thank the IR. I give a very well thought out comment that gives a possible solution and a troll commenter decides to try and bully and attack wrestlers. Thank you for removing the attack. It is about time that things like this are not allowed on this page.”

As we all know, the IR doesn’t monitor nor do they remove comments.  That is done by anyone who click on the “Report Abuse” button.

This coward’s problem is that he doesn’t want to see sports challenged in anyway.  This all started just over a year ago when, on a thread about improving schools, I posted a link to an article in The Atlantic that laid out a case for removing sports from our schools.  This nitwit went bonkers and this eventually disintegrated in him accusing me of a crime and saying that his friends in law enforcement would find me out and have me fired from my job, all which is detailed here.

You see, for people like dolphind3, sports is a religion and just like believers in mythology they take any criticism and a form of blasphemy and it must be stopped.

Since dolphind3 continually deletes my comments, here is what I posted:

Some might suggest that wrestling is an antidote to bullying.  Well, not really:

Maybe because they’re the bullies:

N.J. high school wrestler charged with assaulting, whipping teammate

Prep wrestling bullying case settled: Wisconsin Rapids student was repeatedly harassed by members of team

Four teens charged in Lisbon wrestling bullying investigation

9 Tucson high-school wrestlers accused of bullying

Lawsuit claims Penn-Trafford School District seventh-grader sexually assaulted during wrestling practice

ANAL HAZING Remains An Epidemic In American High Schools

Mother: Bullying incident led to firing of Sabis wrestling coaches

You see, we know where the problem is:

The Real Bullies at School: Teachers are vilified for being too hard on students, so why aren’t coaches held to the same standard?

Just another reason for schools to disassociate themselves from sports and stick to their academic mission.

Over on the HelenaIR, commenter dolphind3 is at it again.  “Mr. Tough Guy,” who claims that he has friends in law enforcement who can out the anonymous posters on that site (proven false) is deleting any comment I make that references him directly or indirectly.

This POS epitomizes the Internet coward of today.  For all his bravado about friends in law enforcement who will do his bidding, he has fallen flat on his face with his supposed claim that he will out me and have me fired from my job.

This guy is a real piece of work.  A big time sports fan who thinks sports are so important that they reign supreme over the academic goals in our schools.  We know the type and he has shown his yellow streak by deleting my comments.

Go ahead, dolphind3, try to delete this one.



Some things never change in the state capital.  On the HelenaIR, there is a bit of a spirited discussion taking place regarding Obama’s legacy.  The usual suspects are rolling out their assortment of attacks on that administration, and that is certainly no surprise.  However, there has been some comment deleting going that speaks of cowardice.  As mentioned in a previous post here, dolphind3 is certainly suspect of these since pretty much anytime I respond to one of his always-specious comments, my reply will disappear.

Now it looks like dietz1963 is doing the same.  After the fiasco of a few weeks ago where the editor was contacted by many, I am pretty sure that dietz1963 was just counseled not to interact with me.  While I haven’t been on his case in a while, I have pointed out the flaws in his reasoning on this current thread.  After a diatribe of his about Obama I reminded him that he is a Carson supported and listed the goofy stuff that Carson has said and ask him to write Carson’s likely legacy.  That comment was deleted.  Here it is:

dietz1963, we get it, you don’t like the current president but your solution is to back a guy who says

– the Big Bang is a “fairy tale”
– Darwin was guided by Satan
– the pyramids were not tombs but grain silos
– supports unconstitutional religious tests to prevent Muslims from serving in public office
– being g@y must be choice since so many people come out of prison g@y

and he subscribes to a religion that thought the world was going to end and when it didn’t they called that non-event “Great Disappointment.”

Care to write what his legacy would be should he be elected?

The truth, as always, is painful to the cowardly.




As the dust settles over on the HelenaIR we have commenter dolphind3 crawling out from under his rock and dropping his stinky little loads in a variety for thread.  After the fiasco of a few weeks ago where I had many dozens of comments replying to him deleted as fast as I could post them, we have this low-life saying this on a thread:

dolphind3 – February 04, 2016 9:18 pm  Don’t like it then don’t read it. Don’t try to silence those you don’t agree with. How communist of you.

It was blatantly obvious that it was this cretin who was deleting my comments.  It appears that he cannot take his own advice so we bestow upon him the award:

Hypocrite of the Week

Awarded to


for actions that set a new standard
of cowardly and two-faced behavior

dolphind3, if you are upset about this award, why not call your friends in law enforcement and and sic them on me?   Hahahahaha!


The issue of abortion is always sure to bring out emotions in an online discussion.  What would be nice is if we could have a real discussion instead of the usual ad hominems.

Over on the Billings Gazette there was story about a bunch of Christians, a couple hundred, marching and protesting abortion.  The comments flowed in the usual manner with some saying Christians should mind their own business and others telling us these “murders” must be stopped.

Where online discussions go off the rails is when the focus switches from the issue at hand to personal attacks on other commenters.  The leaders in these effort are Ohwell and jayjack.

I ran into Ohwell a long time ago and he still seems to seething over the spankings he received from be when I wielded my logic stick upon his fallacious claims.  It didn’t take him long to abandon the issues and go after others:


“Sounds like the mothers of tumbleweed, delytu, and mr. toad should have had their babies aborted.”


“Rainbowed, you are a perfect example of a mother that threw away a perfectly good baby and raised the afterbirth instead.”


“AE, you sound like a woman that went thru many abortions, but then you are the one that always claims to have committed the “unforgivable sin”, so why would someone like you care about what happens to any child. To bad your mother didn’t have enough sense to have you aborted.”
“nm and AE, more examples of mothers raising the afterbirth.”
“Give it up jayjack, when dealing with satanist such as press, rainbowed, and ae, the comment lists will go on and on. These people would sacrifice a child to their god if law permitted it. Yes, they say that they’re atheists but AE’s sight, at one time, said she worshipped satan.”
Then we have these gems from jayjack, with this first quote invoking Godwin’s Law:
“Wrong, if evolution is true, then nothing in the here and now, other than survival of the fittest, get what you can for yourself and your progeny matters. Hitler was a firm believer in this ideology, it was part of his rationale for murder. Sound familiar? Hitler was a big fan of abortion, you are in good company.”
“Your lack of comprehension is amazing…..Your tirades barely mask your selfish, self-serving attitude about others.”
“…Typical clueless, ignorant, selfish, self-serving liberal.”
and this classic proclamation:
“History is replete with murderous thugs like you. Yet again you prove your ignorance.”
“Murderous thugs?”
Where these two exhibit their extreme weakness on the issue is their not responding to the ISSUES and examining the unintended consequences of “personhood,” a position they are taking.  They know that when the public is confronted with the likelihood of homicide investigations into miscarriages and the outlawing of many forms of birth control along with most fertility treatments, the public will not be swayed by these Pleas to Emotion.
Ohwell’s claim that I am a Satan worshiper were laughed at.  I demanded some proof and he said he couldn’t provide it because
“Can’t you old biddy, you changed your site.”
“Good job you old biddy, you blocked your site too.”
But here the site is.  It’s obvious we aren’t dealing with the sharpest tool in the shed.

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