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Over on the HelenaIR, they ran a story about a Helena High School alumni who was selected to be the guest speaker at graduation this year.  This speaker, Kimberly Reed, was a “starting quarterback at Helena High and class valedictorian” who went on to have success in film making.  Nothing controversial there, right?  What?  Kimberly?  A quarterback?  Yes, she was born Paul McKerrow and has made the transition to female.

As might be expected, that brought the pea-brains out from under their rocks in the comment section of the article.  The intolerant are wringing their hands and questioning the selection process while spewing outrage over having someone from the LBGT community address the graduating class.

The article appeared on Wednesday of this week and by late on Thursday there were about 70 comments.  Many/most were the usual suspects from various points of view, BUT by late that day about 1/3 of the comments had disappeared.  Included in the vanishing act was ALL of my comments.  I reposted several only to have them disappear again.  I commented this morning about the problem and several others bemoaned this as well.  Then those comments were gone.

The HelenaIR does not moderate the comments.  Comments show up a minute or two after they are posted.   However, anyone logged in to the site can click on the “Report/Abuse” button and that comment isn’t just flagged for removal, it is removed.

This problem did get the attention of the editor, Greg Lemon who posted this warning early Friday afternoon:

“We’re getting an awful lot of flagged comments on this story. Many of the comments flagged are not objectionable or abusive as outlined in our commenting policy. However, flagging comments out of spite is considered an abuse of the website. For instance if you find yourself going through and flagging all the comments by a specific user, you are abusing our site and the spirit of the commenting policy. Anyone found to be doing this will be banned from the site. I understand we have an imperfect commenting policy and system, but we’re trying to do the best we can with it. Please help us by respecting each other and the policy we’ve laid out.”

It would be nice to know who was doing the serial flagging.  I have my guesses.

On the other hand, the fact that all of my comments were removed shows the impact that the truth they contain can have on the weak-minded, myth-believing, non-thinkers who live in fear that their house-of-cards world view is about to collapse.

I must be doing something right.

Over on the HelenaIR, there is a story about the Diocese of Helena releasing the names of people in their employ who committed crimes against children.  As one might expect the comments have been an assortment of takes on the story.

I have made a few comments on the topic, completely keeping within the Commenting Policy, and have had one comment removed, as of this writing, 4 times.  My comment was in response to coffeegirl1 who apparently, is an apologist of the diocese.  She attempts to deflect the heat directed at the church with the logical fallacy Argumentum ad populum.  Here is her comment:

coffeegirl1 – April 30, 2015 8:57 am

“They are doing the best that they can. I feel badly about this (yes I am Catholic) do you think it is “only” Catholic Priests/Nuns that have done this? There are other men of the cloth from other religons that have done unspeakable acts . Look at the bible before the “Catholic Church” was even formed. No, I am not excusing what was done. Money has been paid, assets have been liquidated. May those who have been harmed heal. Those who have done harm will answer to God”

Notice the “everyone is doing it” excuse?

Then, to one of my earlier, now removed comments, she posted:

“Atheiest Educator. You seem to be a very unhappy hateful person. Look at the dates. All of these people are deceased. At least the Catholic Church as stepped up and has done their best to make it right. Do you think this is the “only” church that has had corruption? Heck no. What about the PTL Club (Jim and Tammy Faye Baker) Jimmy Swaggert and all the TV Evangelist who are only TV daily swindeling people out of money. Every church has their share of corruption. Find me one that does not. The only perfect person that I know of was “Jesus Christ” and he gave his life for all of us, even you, but you would not know that because you are an Atheist.”

Again she invokes Argumentum ad populum.  It is my reply that continues to be removed.  Here it is:

“coffeegirl1 said “Atheiest Educator. You seem to be a very unhappy hateful person.”

And what evidence do you have to support that claim?

You said “At least the Catholic Church as stepped up and has done their best to make it right.”

No they didn’t. They only did what they did when forced into it by the secular world. They have spent decades covering up this mess AND moving these criminals around to avoid prosecution and allowing them to continue offending.
You ask “Do you think this is the “only” church that has had corruption?”

Of course not. Pretty much all churches have a degree of corruption since they and engaged in selling a story that cannot be substantiated and collecting money in doing so.

You said “What about the PTL Club (Jim and Tammy Faye Baker) Jimmy Swaggert and all the TV Evangelist who are only TV daily swindeling people out of money.”

You are making my case for me. Thanks.

You suggest “The only perfect person that I know of was “Jesus Christ” and he gave his life for all of us, even you, but you would not know that because you are an Atheist.”

Why would I not know about that? It is a very popular myth, sort of like Big Foot. I just choose not to believe in it, just like Big Foot.”

Weirdly, her response was placed under another part of the thread.  This is because she couldn’t reply to my comment but she had read it.

coffeegirl1 – 18 hours ago  

“Atheist Educator you wonder why I say you are an unhappy and hateful person? It seems all of your comments are mean and spiteful. This country was found under “One Nation Under God” Good Men and Women went to war to fight and die for everyone’s liberty and freedom even for people like you who deny God. I feel sorry for you on judgement day.”

Gee, where do we start?

“This country was found under “One Nation Under God”

I simply provided a bit of clarification for her:

“coffeegilr1, this country wasn’t founded under any god, yours or any of the other over 3,000 gods  that mankind have invented.

If it were founded “Under God” then there would be some directive to let “God’s Law” trump man’s law in our Constitution. Rather, the Founders specifically kept your God out of our lawmaking.”

As for who is the coward who is so distressed over what I write that they want them removed, so far, they are still hiding instead of standing up to the truth I provide.








One commenter,

Over on the HelenaIR, dietz1963 has a knack for disclosing WAAAAY too much personal information about himself and then getting his panties in a bunch when someone bring that back up to him.

Here’s a case in point.  He told us that he is divorced and that the court gave her the kids and half of “his” money.  He rarely misses an opportunity to excoriate his ex-wife and whatever justice system he thinks caused him harm.   It was him who told us that he was not part of his kids’ lives as a result of the divorce.   Now he even confirms it with his feeble excuse in a remark to 5thgen:

“Yea, sounds like you know how it works, and like in all divorces, kids get to be adult age and they get to find out what “really happened”.”

What we have here is an admission, like I’ve been pointing out all along, that he did abandon his children.

I’ll tell you one thing for sure, dietz1963’s children’s teachers spent more time with them that he did.


Over on the HelenaIR, dietz1963 is trolling every thread I comment on “warning” others not to have contact with me.  This futile attempt is pretty laughable and only shows that I have gotten to him in a big way.

This has been his “technique” since returning from his recent absence.  Something tells me that he sought out some counseling and was advised to avoid me since it was obvious his anxiety level was rising precariously.

He’s also decided to have many of my comments, particularly those where I expose him as an empty suit, deleted from the site.  What he fails to understand is that I save ALL my comments when posting them AND all my recent comments are still on the site and seen by clicking on my name.  It’s a pretty simple matter to repost the comment after it disappears.

That he suggests that I have been deleting his comments is a scream.  Why would I ever want his comments deleted when they speak for themselves as to his annoyance, dishonesty, and defeat?

I’m taking particular satisfaction in his frustration.  After all, when I first signed on to the HelenaIR it was primarily to deal with his inane comments that peppered each thread like so much cow dung.  He was running around and “shooting from the hip,” generally unchallenged, and I have, largely, changed that.  Just looking at his most recent comments, the majority are about me.  Knowing that I occupy so much of his diminutive intellect is a joy to behold.



For not the first time, AE has been told that AE will not only be headed for Hell, but two commenters on the HelenaIR are quite glad about that.

In a new thread, “Repent your ways,” a Bible-thumper is warning everyone to get good with God and quit being nice to our enemies because the end is near.  In their screed they pulled out the old guilt-trip nonsense about

“…God died and shed his blood for you through his only begotten son-Jesus Christ and rose three days later…”

to which I suggested:

“That would make him a “zombie” wouldn’t it?”

Well, that got countrydoc, MtMadeMan,  Mike Boyle, and getaclue all worked up.  countrydoc said, in two comments:

“YOU disgust me
hope you burn”


“Dunno if there is a hades or not, but if there is i hope you have a nice room there.”

I, of course, counseled them that “zombie” was the correct word:

“The definition of a “zombie” is a “reanimated dead body” which is exactly what the Bible says happened.

Of course, there is an alternative explanation detailed in the classic book, and movie, from 1965, “The Passover Plot,” by Hugh Schonfield. It argues that the “Jesus-cult” of the day conspired to fake his death so they could pull off this “miracle.”

So, you have either a zombie or a fake. Which do you prefer to worship?”

Still waiting on an answer to that last question.

What is really funny is how countrydoc is asking for Christian Privilege:

“mocking christianity……….at easter? you really are clueless as you cant fathom WHY this might be very offensive to many.”

Yep, some of them would sure like to see the return of anti-blasphemy laws.




One of our favorite “shoot from the hip” commenters on the HelenaIR who had been missing, has reappeared.  After a week or so absence, he showed up but has been a bit tamer, suggesting that he might have undergone a neutering process and is still healing up from it.

His initial comments were devoid of his usual blustering blunders and were short and to the point of the thread issue.  He did post several “warnings” to others not to engage with AE, something his therapist had probably instructed him to do in a recent session to deal with his own high lever of anxiety and annoyance.

But, it didn’t take long for him to slip back into his gross generalizations:

“Liberal logic:

We need to love and respect all cultures and religions. Except Christianity

Believes in freedom of speech. Unless its offensive to them

Believes all corporations are evil. Being devoted to Apple is ok

Protests against the 1% who are rich. Except Professional Sports Stars, Music Stars ,Movies Stars Michael Moore, or Billionaire Democrats

Celebrates diversity, unless it’s a conservative straight white person.”

He was taken on by Twangsfiggerscatspaw, and AE and had no credible response.  All he could do was attempt to change the subject away from his stereotyping:

“Uh huh. Then explain to me (for example) why muslims are not under the gun for not making cakes for g.ays looking to marry? And when you’re talking “untrue” stereotypes, why are some of the first words out of liberals mouths (such as yours) something about watching Fox news or listening to Rush? I’ve repeatedly said here I don’t do either only to have someone like you make the standard bogus statement.”

Maybe the pain meds from the neutering are wearing off.




dietz1963 missing

Last seen March 26, 2015 3:56 pm.  Please, do not form a search party.



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