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The General defends pedophiles

Posted on: July 19, 2017

It’s time to update the goings on at the HelenaIR, one of the few news sites that still permits anonymous commenting.

Several commenters have been pummeling The General and this guy must really be a glutton for punishment because he keeps coming back for more.

In a recent article about Governor Bullock exploring a presidential run, we have this dialog:

michele O’brien Jul 18, 2017 4:49pm

Yes! And maybe I will run for Pope!!!

Clay Baaker Jul 18, 2017 5:09pm

michele O’brien said “And maybe I will run for Pope!!!”

Why, do you have a thing for altar boys?

John Williams Jul 18, 2017 8:34pm

clay again with the ad hominem attacks with an added layer of homophobia.


You see that?!?!?  Clay takes a shot at michele and gets a dig in at the Catholics and their crimes of promoting and covering up pedophilia in their ranks.  The General sees those crimes as acceptable by his retort that Clay is being homophobic.

Is The General that lame?  Is he that much of a simpleton that he doesn’t realize what he just said?  Or is he really giving pedophilia a pass?

Maybe a bit of all of those.


5 Responses to "The General defends pedophiles"

Yes atheist educator, its beyond belief you are still allowed to get away with your antics over at the IR now under the alias of Clay Baaker. Constantly changing your aliases as the IR tries to clamp down on you and your ilk. Prior to this alias, it was aliases such as Clay Bayker, Clay Baaker, and Clay Baker. Just before this you tried passing yourself off as Greg Bayker, Greg Baaker, Greg Bakker and of course Greg Baker. Before this it was James Daggett, then James Dagett, James Daaget. Then you had more imaginative aliases such as Timothy Schacter, Atheist Educator (the original alias), Elbert Michou, Elbert Michout and Sam Hammett. All these aliases don’t change the petulant child that you are, as your continued trolling of others with the usual passive/aggressive attacks, lies and childish mockery clearly illustrate. We do amuse ourselves with this post, we were wondering when John Williams was going to get under your skin enough for you to come back to your blog. He bested you, its ok to admit it. But keep on trolling, only a matter of time before IR shuts its comments down. Well done!


Punk then, punk now “clay”. Seek professional help.

Way to go “clay” we see you losing the battle. Hilarious. Trying to pass yourself off as a vet and everything in between. Chased everyone off the IR we see. What a joke.


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